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Open for Business

Well, that took a lot longer than anticipated! What was expected to be a few weeks in development turned into months – when does that ever happen to any project, right? The site was all but ready to go, with just the SSL certificate to be added. A simple job – buy a certificate, attach it to the domain, everything then secured behind https. Didn’t quite work out that way!!

The hosting service decided it couldn’t install the certificate on the space I had, so I needed an upgrade. That required me to learn Linux – CENTOS7 to be precise – a bit of WordPress web design, a touch of MariaDB,  quite a bit of Moodle and a few other bits and pieces. Then the site wouldn’t work with a plug-in I wanted to use and tracking that little problem took weeks. We would get one bit working the way we wanted, but that broke another part of the site. Fixing that broke something else but fixing that broke the first bit again. Sound familiar?

The upshot is that I have the site working the way I want it. That said, if you find anything that doesn’t work, or can be improved, then please let us know – we will keep trying to improve the experience and we can only do that with feedback from you.

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