PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Simulator

PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Simulator

PRINCE2 exam simulator

Featuring over 1000 Foundation style questions, this exam simulator is the perfect way to prepare for your PRINCE2 Foundation examination.

There are individual sections for key concepts, principles, themes and processes, featuring adaptive mode exams and deferred feedback exams that are timed, in order to prepare for the full examination. Adaptive mode allows you to check the answer for each question, to understand why the correct answer is correct and why wrong answers are wrong. The time limit imposed on some of the exams introduces the additional pressure brought about in an exam scenario and allows you to become comfortable with the time constraints.

There are individual exams for each of the 7 process and chapters and for each of the 7 theme chapters. This makes the exam simulator an ideal companion to instructor-led or online training courses, where the simulator can be used to check the understanding of the terminology, purpose and objectives of each chapter, before moving on.

Themes and processes can be tested as separate sections before attempting the full exam simulation. This full exam simulator exactly mimics the exam you will face in a live situation: the time limit is set to 60 minutes, i.e. 1 minute per question; the questions are drawn from the 1000+ question bank on a random basis, but are selected according to the official Axelos exam syllabus. Once an examination has been completed, you are able to review all of your answers to see where you went right or wrong, with full explanations behind each answer.

Free PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Simulator

Free PRINCE2 2017 exam simulator

Free exam simulator

This is the free version of our PRINCE2 2017 Exam Simulator.

The free version is made available as a test to see if you like the format and layout and also to ensure that the simulator will be of use to you. We are certain it will, but you can make sure for yourself.

The free version does not contain all of the possible exams, but it does have timed and untimed exams, with the facility to demonstrate deferred feedback and immediate feedback. There are also limited numbers of questions in each exam.

If you like the free version, you will have to return to the Shop in order to purchase the full version.

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